Browse & Book

Choose from a vast range of professional models of all ethnics, backgrounds, and creative styles across the globe. You as a client will be able to browse and book models with the click of a button.  Browse through our models photos & video collection and see if  they are right for the job you’re requesting.

Read & Write Reviews

After your production is wrapped have the option to give feedback on the talent that you booked. This is essential because it helps other casting directors, clients and the model, when it comes to future bookings. Be informative, let us know how great a client was, or what they can improve on.

Privacy & Security

Once you are signed up, you will gain a private login and account. You will have access to view our talents private portfolio which differs from their public portfolio. We secure you as a client by handling all liabilities on behalf of our models.

We handle the Paperwork

We make sure paperwork and model accommodations are fulfilled before the booking date. Our job at Model-Log is to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible from start to finish.

Re-Booking Notifications

We send your alerts when you are about to rebook a previous model that you have already used in a previous gig. This will help you explore your options before having a repetitive look in your productions. A lot of casting directors deal with the same pool of talent, so if you keep going back you’ll get the same results.